Gate-in to gate-out, keep a track of your vehicle

Gate-in to gate-out, keep a track of your vehicle Click here to view images

The highly recommended VTAB keeps your vehicle under surveillance from gate-in to gate-out. The tracking system with six components including RFID card monitors the staff and vehicles at Concorde Motors. By reducing turnaround time, VTAB helps increase profitability. 
Better planning and utilization of workshop bays results in more successful and timely delivery. Even while the customer is waiting at the lounge, the vehicle is visible to him all throughout the process. 
Accurate measurement of technician utilization, bay utilization and efficiency is now easy with the VTAB. Once installed it starts improving the work and quality by keeping a check on the entire process. 
The software application also gives real-time information and performance reports by interpreting the biometric and RFID inputs. Accurate process and idle time tracking by VTAB also helps improve the efficiency by efficiently managing time. Daily dashboard and corrective actions are also possible now with the use of the best in class application.