We have tied up with TVS Auto Assist (India) Limited to ensure that you get immediate and hassle free service in the event of any car breakdown. Our network for road-side assistance is spread across the length and breadth of the country and covers cities, highways and hilly terrains across India.

In the event of any mechanical or electrical breakdown and or traffic accident of a vehicle, all you have to do is call our helpline number 1800 209 7979.

We will track down your location and ensure that the nearest Authorized Service Provider (ASP) reaches the spot immediately and rectifies the problem or tows it to the nearest Tata Authorized workshop in case the vehicle is not repairable on site. The indicative response time of the ASP is given below.

Indicative Response Time :

Within City Limit: 60 Minutes
Ghat roads and other places: 120 Minutes

(The response time will depend on the location, terrain, traffic density and the time of the day.)

The 24 X 7 On Road Assistance Program Details :

  1. Within Warranty Period the service is available to all newly purchased vehicles as a complimentary offer till the time it is in warranty.
  2. Post-Warranty Period on expiry of the warranty, you can buy the 24 X 7 policy from any of the Concorde Motors workshop or service centre. We have two options for this policy – Basic and Premium Policy.
TML TVSAA Retail New Price-2017
Basic-6 months Premium-6 months Basic-1 year Premium-1 year
Basic Price to the
Customer(Excluding GST )
347 653 763 1305
GST 18% 63 117 137 235
Customer price 410 770 900 1540
Scope of Service
Mechanical 3 3 6 6
Non Accidental Towing/
Accidental Towing
NA 1 NA 2
Cab Assistance* NA Upto 50 km from Breakdown spot NA Upto 50 km from Breakdown spot
Hotel accomodation and Tickets* One time free upto 5000 rupees per family One time free upto 5000 rupees per family
Cooling Period - 48 Hours

*Conditions apply

The 24×7 On road assistance service covers the following services on your vehicle :


  • Wheel change through spare wheel
  • Arrangement of fuel ( Fuel cost will be chargeable at actual cost)
  • Rectification of electrical problems related to battery, fuses etc.
  • On spot repairs for complaints repairable at site
  • Within Warranty Customers: Free car to car towing or winching & towing, if required (for non-accident cases) to the nearest Tata Authorized Dealer Workshop
  • Premium Plan for Post-Warranty Customers: Free One Instance of car to car towing or winching & towing, if required (for non-accident cases) to the nearest Tata Authorized Dealer Workshop

24×7 on road assistance program does not apply to :

  • Cost of parts, consumables & labour for such repairs not covered under warranty. The charges are to be settled with the ASP in cash
  • Toll or ferry charges paid by ASP in reaching the breakdown site to be settled with ASP in cash
  • Customers are advised to take an acknowledgement from the ASP of list the of accessories/extra fittings and other belongings in the vehicle, as well as the current condition related to dents/scratches breakages of parts/fitments of the vehicle at the time of ASP taking possession of the vehicle & to verify these items when delivery is taken
  • Vehicles will be handled, repaired & towed as per the customer’s risk & Tata Motors shall not be liable for any damages /claims as a result of the same
  • On site repairs may be temporary in nature. The completion of repair does not certify the roadworthiness of the vehicle. The customer is advised to ensure temporary repairs carried out onsite are followed by permanent repairs at Tata Motors Authorized workshop at the earliest

For detailed list of exclusions, refer to your owner’s manual.

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