Technology entering the new realm
With a similar fuel efficiency, cost and much more comfortable drive, the Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) version of cars is now outselling the normal version. But the fact is that only ahandful know about the concept and facts of AMT in the way as it is. Pure, simple technology from the very basic concepts, AMT is actually a manual transmission with an electro mechanical clutch actuator. Manufacturers opt an AMT gearbox over a conventional automatic gearbox because of the price advantage they face since the base transmission is actually the same.
The traditional way of the two step process in a conventional manual gearbox involves two cables doing the function of selection and engagement of the gears. The first cable (selection cable) is actuated when the gearshift lever from left to right or vice versa. The second cable or engagement cable is actuated when the actual shift into one of the gates is done to engage it. This two step process is being simplified by the Automatic Manual Transmission or AMT. AMT negates the mechanical linkages by replacing them with electromechanical individual devices that work off the engine management and transmission management control units.
The conventional pedal and cable operated set up in operating the clutch is being replaced by the electric motor for the electronically controlled clutch actuator. The engaging and disengaging of the gear in the transmission is supported by the release lever and bearing through which the clutch is operated. In the actuator, rotary movement of the electric motor is transferred via a set of gears to a linear movement that is needed to engage and disengage the clutch via the pressure plate. ZF Sachs, the pioneers of AMT gearbox boasts of an easy and economic driving with clutch-less driving, increased life of clutch components and increased fuel economy while cutting down on emissions.
Guaranteed pleasure of driving is the advantage of AMT as the electro mechanical or sometimes hydraulically operated actuators take over the clutch and shift action, but the driver can still choose to manually engage a particular gear through either a shifter lever or a steering mounted paddle shifter. Also, torque interruption is reduced to the minimum between shifts by utilizing optimized shift points in AMT. The driver based input is used to automatically adjust shift points and control the clutch by the system. All the information based on the above said driver based input is conveyed to the system through a transmission control module with the help of an array of sensors. High level of safety measures is also engaged in the system. The Ecu in the system intervene to improve safety by automatically interrupting drive flow to counter the risk of skidding if the vehicle loses traction.
Also, AMT is gaining popularity not only because of its increased driving pleasure provided but  also because of the reduction in problems of installing due to cost, weight or space factors.
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