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Buying or Selling a Pre-owned Car gets easy

Concorde Motors is there with you at every drive of life. Then whether it’s buying a new car or selling an old one. Which is why, we have designed unique pre-owned vehicle programs: Tata Motors Assured (TMA) and Concorde Motor Assured (CA).

These programs are designed in such a way that the buyer and the seller, both are benefitted. For sellers, we offer free-of-cost assessment of the existing car, best exchange offers on brand new cars, ideal value for the existing car based on the condition and price matrix designed by us.

If you want to buy a pre-owned car, you are in for a peace-of-mind deal as the cars are handpicked and carefully refurbished in our modern workshop by expert technicians. Each certified category car undergoes a stringent certification grading check done by Tata Motors engineers. Besides, you get a 1-year warranty / up to 20,000 km on every TMA and CA Certified vehicle, finance options, hassle-free documentation and delivery and three free services.

Go ahead, make that deal and be rest assured.

TMA Certificate is provided to:

  • Only Tata vehicles
  • Cars not older than 7 years with a maximum mileage of 1,20,000 kms
  • The car should have maximum two owners
  • Has not met with an accident that resulted in structural damage
  • Has not been used as taxi or for commercial applications

CA Certificate is provided to:

  • Cars of any brand and make
  • Cars that are not older than 7 years with a maximum mileage of 1,00,000 kms
  • The car should be owned by maximum two people
  • Has not met with an accident that resulted in structural damage

Choose from a wide range of futuristic cars from Concorde Motors and find the best exchange deal for your old car. Renowned for an impactful design, world-class features, absolute comfort and complete safety, our vehicles promise to uplift your driving experience. Find the best exchange deal for your old car with transparent assessment and complete documentation.

Walk in to our nearest dealership with the original documents of your existing car today!

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The vehicle valuation provided here is the guidance value and company's opinion on the market value of the vehicle based on the information provided by you and on standard valuation methodology and procedures. The company does not guarantee in any way the accuracy of the valuation and shall not be liable to compensate you for any losses caused to you due to your reliance on this price. Actual and more accurate valuation of the vehicle can be done only after physical inspection of the vehicle at the dealership or by a certified valuator. There is no standard price list for pre-owned / used vehicles.

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