Concorde Motors is launching a special contest for the love filled Valentine’s month of February. The contest is exclusively for SAFARI STROME customers but it can be extended to other customers as well in special cases.
So, what are you waiting for! Take a video/photograph and send in your entries as soon as possible to win your special prize this February!

Step 1: Take a small VIDEO or a photograph of yourself saying “I LOVE YOU” to your family member or your new TATA car .
Step 2: Upload the video/photograph on our Facebook page.
The best video and photograph will win a branded “BICYCLE’ and a special cake for the eve of Valentine’s day!

1) The contest is for SAFARI STROME customers. It can be extended to other customers only in special cases.
2) It is mandatory to submit your photographs and videos within 2 days of purchasing the vehicle.
3) Winners will get “SPECIAL CAKE & BRANDED MERCHANDISE”  only till 14th February.
4) Contest will run in 2 phases –
1st Phase: 1st Feb to 15th Feb
2nd Phase: 16th Feb to 28th Feb
*Contest for Delhi customers only