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Concorde Motors strongly recommends use of Anti Rust Treatments, which shall not only provide protection to your vehicle against corrosion during your ownership period, but also shall help increase life of the body shell of your car.

Benefits :

  • Protection against Corrosion – The extra protective layer of undercoating prevents contact of metal with air, preventing corrosion, which is otherwise often likely to go unnoticed until it is too late
  • Abrasion resistance – Due to poor road conditions, unprotected paint would suffer from stone chips, scraping, etc. and a lot of paint would peel or scrape off to expose bare metal to corrosion
  • Sound deadening – Due to rubber content, undercoating muffles external noise
  • Covering welds and minor repairs

Offerings Under The Program :


These are chemical compounds usually applied to the undercarriage of a motor vehicle.

Areas covered :

Under-coatings are applied to the undercarriage of the vehicle as well as other areas such as the trunk, wheel wells, etc.

All Under-body coating treatments come with a 60 months warranty & up to 10 free checkups.


Internal coatings are wax-like compounds containing rust preventive chemicals applied to cavity area of the vehicle.

Area Covered :

Cavities of a car, such as the space inside the hollows of doors (door skins), fenders and frame rails.


Full Body Coating is a combination of the Under-body Anti-Rust and Internal Panel coating to ensure full protection of your car.

Areas Covered :

The coating is applied to the undercarriage of the vehicle and the cavities of a car, as well as areas such as the trunk, wheel wells, etc.

Car Detailing treatments are specialized treatments designed to make your car look new. These treatments shall protect your car paint from fading and shall clean your car interiors like seats, upholstery from stains, dirt etc.

Note: Once you have availed these treatments, you shall be given a “Certificate of Treatment” confirming the Treatment done in your car. Kindly demand your certificate in case the same is not given by the dealer workshop.

Exterior Enrichment Treatments :

Various environmental hazards, exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation and Oxidation destroy your vehicle’s finish. Use of a towel with a rough texture or use of dirty water for washing cars results in swirl marks and minor scratches. Exterior enrichment treatments protect your car against these effects.

(This is recommended for new and less than 6 months old cars)

Paint Protection Treatment :

  • Restores shines and protects it in the future resulting in new and like new paint finishes
  • Produces an exceptionally durable, ultra high gloss finish
  • Protects painted surface from environmental pollution like smoke, dust, etc. and oxidation

Surface Refinement & Protection Treatment :

  • Safely and effectively removes-medium scratches, oxidation, stubborn stains and other paint imperfections like orange peels, dust nibs, etc.
  • Produces a brilliant, lustrous, durable “wet look” finish
  • Also enhances appearance and restores natural sheen to the tires, bumpers, rubber and plastic mouldings, and Engine compartment

UV Treatment :

  • Protects Painted Surface from fading by retarding the effects of UV Radiation
  • Creates a thin protective layer on painted surface to reduce effect of dust and coarse fabric, which create swirl marks and minor scratches
  • Coating lasts for 5-6 months depending on the weather condition and the upkeep of vehicle
  • Customers are suggested to repeat the treatment every 6 months

Head Light Restoration :

  • Radically improves the visibility of headlights by giving a new life to the head light cover
  • Clears all hard water and oxidation from the glass, thereby letting the headlights shine bright
  • Removes the oxidation formed which clears the passage of light
  • Makes night driving safer

Vehicle Interior Enrichment :

Chances are that someone will spoil your vehicle’s fabric carpet or seats. Simple things like drink spills, food stains, mud, Ultra-violet Rays, pets, can result in a permanent stain on your vehicle’s interior fabric. This can be a significant detractor from your vehicle’s resale value.

Interior Enrichment :

Benefits :

  • Removal of medium stains and dirt from all interior parts of the car
  • Cleaning of windshield, backlite and all windows (inside and outside)
  • The treatment involves cleaning and dressing of ALL parts of the exposed interiors

Germkleen (Anti-Microbial Treatment) :

Benefits :

  • 99% elimination of predominantly found microbes in car
  • Prevents health hazards : Skin infections, pimples, sinus, scale skin syndrome
  • Higher satisfactions – Treatment Assurance Card with Lab Certification

Decarbonising an engine involves removal of carbon deposits from the engine, using chemical methods.

Diesel De-Carbonisation :

Carbon deposits accumulate over time in the entire diesel fuel system, including the fuel lines, injector pump, fuel injectors and combustion chambers. This causes rough idle, vibration at idle, loss of power, decreased mileage, increased smoke, and slowed throttle response.

Decarbonising your engine results in:

  • Better fuel economy
  • Better combustion & increased power
  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced injector & pump wear, thereby resulting in savings in maintenance costs

It is approved for low sulphur diesel fuel and EGR equipped diesel engines

Petrol Fuel and Air Decarbonisation :

Carbon deposits accumulate on intake valves, throttle body, fuel injectors, ports, fuel injectors and combustion chambers causing loss of power, rough idle, hesitation, misfire, pinging, knocking, mileage and hard starting.

Benefits :
  • Comprehensive clean-up of combustion chamber, induction system & fuel injector deposits
  • Improved fuel economy by maintaining correct balance of fuel and air in the system
  • Reduced emissions
  • Increased Power & acceleration
  • Smooth starts, idles and quieter runs
Usage :
  • Minimum kms for soft decarbonising is 20,000 kms and then to be done based on symptoms
  • Minimum kms for hard decarbonising is 60,000 kms and then to be done based on symptoms

Engine Flush :

High engine temperatures caused by heavy stop and go driving conditions lead to thermal breakdown of engine oil. Not all of the oil is removed during a drain and fill oil change. Deposits are left behind and form sludge and varnish in the engine resulting in smoke from the exhaust and increased oil usage.

Benefits :
  • Safely and effectively cleaning and removing oxidised particles and fluid contamination left behind from previous oil changes
  • Preventing further deposits
  • Chemically “tuning” the engine during driving
  • Restoring pep and power
  • Removing sludge from valve train
  • Promoting fuel economy and improving overall engine operation

Minimum kms is 10,000 kms and then to be done every 20,000 kms

Oil Additive Treatment :

Special products are added to new engine oil to fortify new oil and seal rings for optimum performance. This is suitable for both, petrol and diesel engine applications.

Benefits :
  • Improved engine compression
  • Increased power and increased fuel economy
  • Increased engine life, especially under severe service conditions
  • Reduced emissions and oil consumption
  • Improved power & performance of older engines
  • Prevention of sludge, gum and varnish formation on engine parts for both petrol & diesel engines

Oil treatment is to be done at minimum kms 20,000 kms and later based on need

**Please note that all the above treatments are symptomatic and are to be used based on symptoms / problems. Please note that these treatments should not be done if your vehicle does not have a problem and if you are visiting our dealerships for availing services and other unrelated repair.

Sound Deadening Pads

Door vibration deadeners are pads that are stuck on the insides of the sheet metal and they increase the sheet metal rigidity, reduce vibrations and increase riding comfort.

Areas Covered :

For petrol, four doors, rear quarter panels & boot is covered. In case of diesel vehicles, these can be used in the bonnet too.

Benefits :

  • Decrease in vibrations and increase in riding comfort
  • Negligible increase in the weight of the car thus creating no effect on fuel consumption and mileage

Engine Wax Treatment :

Engine Wax is beige coloured transparent lacquer coating on the engine compartment to prevent the corrosion of the engine compartment. This treatment also comes with a warranty of a year.

Areas Covered :

The engine wax is applied on the engine compartment of the vehicle.

Benefits :

  • Neat, Clean and new look to the engine compartment
  • No effect on MPFI vehicles
  • No need of cleaning the engine compartment with diesel once engine wax is sprayed

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